Julian Lennon | Now Represented by Posner Fine Art

Cuba #82, 2018 Archival Photographic Print 24 x 20 in, Edition 10


Los Angeles–based Posner Fine Art is pleased to announce exclusive representation of the fine art photography of Julian Lennon. Lennon’s portraits, landscapes, and still lifes grant the viewer intimate access to the lives and locations of his subjects as well as insight into the journey of the artist himself. 

Rebecca Warfield of the Chicane Group continues as Julian Lennon’s personal manager.


Born in Liverpool, England in 1963, Lennon began his artistic trajectory as a young child with an innate musical ability; a creative propensity that soon manifested in a passion for art and film. His first photo exhibition, ‘Timeless,’ presented in New York in 2010, debuted Julian’s considerable talents behind the camera, as seen in painterly landscapes and photographs of U2. He has since participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions around the globe. A lifelong philanthropist, Lennon’s charity, The White Feather Foundation, raises awareness and funds for projects in the areas of the environment, education & health, clean water and the preservation of Indigenous cultures. During a research expedition through Kenya and Ethiopia, Lennon captured a wide variety of images with the intention of inspiring viewers to learn about indigenous cultures and the social and political condition of the region. 

Salton Sea #30, 2019 24 x 20 in, Archival Photographic Print Edition 10
Joshua Tree #30, 2017 Archival Photographic Print 24 x 20 in, Edition 10

For Lennon, empathy is the bond that unites the planet. He offers, “We are all in this together, and hopefully someday the world will realize that. Photography is one way to share, learn, appreciate, and experience other cultures, which in turn allows us to empathize with other people’s lives.”

Cuba #117, 2018 Archival Photographic Print 24 x 20 in, Edition 10

To discover more about Lennon’s life and history, visit julianlennon-photography.com and follow him on Instagram @julespicturepalace

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