PRESS RELEASE: Artist Nicole Landau Casts a New Light on the Beginning of 2021

Artist Nicole Landau Casts a New Light on the Beginning of 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA – Artist Nicole Landau unveils UNI-VERSE, an interactive art sculpture that re-ignites optimism and human connection during this unprecedented time. Landau’s UNI-VERSE Sculpture is inspired by the science of the String Theory, which describes all fundamental forms of matter as vibrating strings, each corresponding to musical notes. Physics, creation and the Universe are a symphony of these vibrating strings culminating in one song: a UNI-VERSE.The UNI-VERSE flourishes through its response to music, sound from the environment, or the participation of an observer. With each sound registered, UNI-VERSE lights up progressively to become a visual incarnation of sound. 

“Whether curated or spontaneous, UNI-VERSE offers endless possibilities for experiential expression,” says Landau. “The sculpture connects people through music, energy, and sound in One Song. The participants all contribute to the organic growth of light in the artwork.”

UNI-VERSE Sculpture_Nicole Landau_City View.mp4 from Nicole Landau on Vimeo.

Landau continues, “This sculpture is designed to be dynamic and captivating in any setting: an outdoor public sculpture garden, a grand entrance to a hotel, a centerpiece featured at a campus, a music festival or art fair. UNI-VERSE brings people together harmoniously as the world embarks on a new beginning. This is a pivotal moment for us all.”

In partnership with LASVIT, a leading Czech-based designer and manufacturer of bespoke lighting installations, UNI-VERSE will be constructed out of Bohemian glass with optical effects. Running 28 ft long and 14 ft wide with each pillar ranging from 5 ft to 12 ft in height, it reflects the infinite beauty of its surroundings in a mirrored base. The UNI-VERSE Sculpture invites visitors inside to observe and engage, harmonizing energy, and manifesting it into a unique luminescent shape.